My childhood visit from the Jogahoh: The Iroquois Little People

how_morning_star_lost_her_fish_-_from_stories_the_iroquois_tell_their_children_by_mabel_powers_1917When I was about six years old, I had a vivd, strange dream. I was looking at three or four little men about three feet tall, maybe smaller. They were underground in a little dirt house with only one hole to enter their underground cavern, under which a ladder was propped up. Some of them wore strange hats and all of them wore clothes made out of buckskin. I told My grandmother who then looked at me, smiling, knowingly, and said “Oh, the little people came to see you!”

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Checkin out books #1 The Alchemist: A worldwide best-seller full of Pagan ideas

alchemical_cosmos-1I really enjoy reading sooooo I’m going to try writing about books I’ve read every now and again. I received “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho for Christmas (fitting, no?) and finished it soon thereafter. I loved the book but was super surprised at the level of popularity it’s gained, being very based in the occult and all.

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Investigating the closet

Don’t worry, this is just a still from Halloween…pretty creepy

Hello dear readers! I know it’s been a minute. Work has been nuts, I’ve also been dabbling in other writing gigs. But I’m here now to talk about the mythology, psychology and even…activity in something nearly everyone has.

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Wiccan channels and Podcasts worth watching


Greetings all! Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on the ol’ tube browsing Wiccan channels. One I found and like the best so far (TipToeChick) unfortunately seems to have stop posting for the most part a few years ago. Does anyone have any great Wiccan youtube channels or podcasts to recommend? I included a few videos I’ve enjoyed below.

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This weekend was WitchsFest USA!

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This Saturday was my first time attending WitchsFest USA, a Wiccan street fair that takes place every year at Astor Place in NYC. It was amazing and awesome to see people of all kinds coming together and to see so many wiccans/pagans/accepting people just out and about in REAL LIFE and everything.

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Watching my friend go to the light


I was warned while getting my cards read over the weekend that it’s not good to let spirits linger around too long after passing. Probably referring to both me and the spirit. In the case of my friend Derek* he kept visiting me on his own accord, and I kept seeking him out. I even had a minister tell me that he was next to me the day the spiritualist minister and I met back in March.

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